Marissa Magdalena questions norms of physical and social space. Her artwork inhabits a place between sculpture and performance, juxtaposing Marissa’s San Joaquin Valley roots and her current Los Angeles backdrop. She has exhibited at 18th Street Art Center, Avenue 50 Studios, The Bakersfield Museum of Art, Juas, Museum of Ventura County, Phantom Galleries, Self Help Graphics, and undisclosed locations in Tehran.

Marissa Magdalena

Project Description

"L/D" — Marissa Magdalena investigates the through line that extends from the Woman’s Building’s past into present day through conversations between artists to whom the Woman’s Building was foundational and their mentees; from these dialogues Marissa will create art pieces to be worn on the body. The pieces will be exhibited and a performance by Jerri Allyn and Marjan Vayghan will be staged. The title refers to "Lift Over Drag," the ratio necessary to achieve flight.