J. Alex Mathews is a Los Angeles based artist, arts administrator/advocate and educator. She serves as the Assoc. Director and Dir. of Programming for Dance Resource Center, facilitates sexual health education with More Than Sex-Ed, teaches yoga, works with a collage-making group, participates in Arts for LA’s ACTIVATE fellowship and takes part in Emerging Arts Leaders/LA’s Leadership Council. To view some of her work visit:

J. Alex Mathews

Project Description

Strike Light – By creating individualized match boxes and exploring gestural accumulation inspired by the "STRIKE" of light, this project re-imagines Cheri Gaulke’s The Postcard Project: Our Heroines, Arlene Raven’s Picture This, or, Why is Art Important? and Jane O'Reilly's feminist reclamation of "CLICK," described as the moment we see that something is wrong with the world portrayed at face value and resounds in a woman-deaf, woman-blind world as an earth shattering revelation. The resulting installation will be accompanied by a live performance.