Felicia ‘Fe’ Montes is a Xicana Indigenous artist, activist, educator, designer, performer and practitioner of the healing arts based in East Los Angeles. She is the visionary of Mujeres de Maiz, Urban Xic and La Botanica del Barrio and a graduate of University of California Los Angeles, California State University Northridge, and Otis College of Art and Design.

Felicia 'Fe' Montes

Project Description

Building Madre Tierra’s Milpa (Mother Earth’s Corn Field) is a performance ritual created as a rite of passage for members of Mujeres de Maiz and their Woman’s Building Chicana predecessors to initiate all into a symbolic home or homeland solidifying generational ties among the artists and groups and honoring the living legacy of the Woman’s Building. The private ritual happens offsite; documentation will be exhibited